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Dr. Tomas A. Parks, DBA

Dr. Tomas A. Parks, DBA

Senior Partner

First & foremost, I am a husband to the best wife on Earth (Sami) & the father of the two best boys on Earth (Xander & Clive). If you want to know about me, then you should know that my family is the most important part of my life other than my faith. So a cliffnotes bio is that I married up, have the best kids, & try to honor God with my words, thoughts, & deeds.

Professionally, I am an entrepreneur & academician. I have a doctorate in Global Business from Cleveland State University. I use my academic credentials as an Assistant Professor at Kennesaw State University in the Michael A. Levin School of Management, Entrepreneurship, & Hospitality. I have taught numerous classes in universities in the USA & around the world including; international business, strategic planning, & micro economics to name a few.

I am a Senior Partner at Strategic Planning Group and Medicus Wealth where I maintain a private practice & consult on training & talent development. I use the advanced business theories that I have learned to help my clients create strong financial strategies. Businesses spend massive amounts of resources crafting strategies to maximize their economic impact & individuals deserve similar preparation. My professional goal is to help families, entrepreneurs, & privately/closely held businesses to thrive in the areas of impact, income, interdependence, & influence.

My areas of specialty include:

  • Protection: Life, Disability Income & Long-Term Care
  • Wealth Accumulation: Mutual Funds*, Annuities & Life Insurance*
  • Retirement: IRA’s, Employer Plans, Fixed/Variable Annuities* & Mutual Funds*
  • Estate Planning: Financial Security, Long-Term Liquidity & Peace of Mind
  • Education Funding: Tax-Advantaged Investment Programs for Parents/Grandparents*
  • Business: Small Business & Large Corporate Continuation Planning