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Our Process

We combine sound economic principles, a unique discovery process, robust resources, and a sophisticated financial modeling system to create tailored financial strategies for our clients. This approach enables us to estimate more predictable economic outcomes for different scenarios, enhance the effectiveness of each strategy, and boost efficiency while not increasing risk.

Key Elements of a Healthy Partnership for Financial success

Initial consultation.

Our first meeting is critical because it’s a time to get to know each other and determine if the relationship is a good fit for all sides. In this first meeting we will discuss strategic financial opportunities for you and your practice or business and prioritize appropriately. 

Plan review.

Based on what we learn during our consultation, we put together various strategies for tax mitigation and growth of assets and discuss which course of action may work best for you.


Once you approve the strategy, we work with you in low stress and strategic process to convert your plan into action.. 

Regular checkups.

We will meet with you no less than annually to review your plan with you and discuss changes to your financial wants and needs. Because you have a long-term strategy, there should be very few reasons to make a change, but if one becomes necessary, we will discuss it with you and handle it on your behalf.

Support when you need it.

This is a long-term relationship and we make every effort to be available, answer questions, make adjustments if needed, and more.

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